Xayne Remix Contest


Xayne Remix Contest


I felt this was the best place to post this considering this is the music chat forum...

Anyway, this:

Contest start day
End date
Stems can be downloaded here - bit.ly/1FMG4Ip
Remix should be submitted to this group with downloads disabled -soundcloud.com/groups/xayne-remix-contest
I will be doing a two-in-one release this summer and wish for it to be an EP featuring four remixes.
Two for 'Sweet Sorrow' (122 bpm) & two for 'Stay With Me' (124 bpm)
Winners will be announced a week after the contest ends, will be featured on the EP, and will get 20-35% royalties, depending on how many winners there are.
Any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me via Facebook, or via email: kryptix169@gmail.com.

Good luck to any and all who enter, yes there are previews of the track available. Remember to have fun!

Add your tracks!

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