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Your Top Track This Week


Your Top Track This Week

Hey everyone, 


I recently noticed that one of my favorite services implemented a feature called Top Track displaying the song you've been listening to for the last week or so. You can find it at the top right corner of your profile page. 







As you can see, my current Top Track on is




I'm also curious what's the Top Track of people on the Community using So let me know yours! 

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Cool thread, @Ivan!


My current Top Track on my profile is “Satanic Rites of Drugula” by Electric Wizard (though I have “Top Tracks” on my profile set to “Last 90 days” rather than “Last 7 days”):


For this week, my Top Track on would be “The Creeper – Live” by Pelican:



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Thanks, @AdamDam 🎸 


Had a listen at the The Creeper and I found it pretty nice and melodic. I mention this since the metal music genre comes usually a bit harder on my ears, but I know a good track when I see/hear it 🎼 I'll surely recommend this band to a friend I'm going to meet this week 🍻 


Plus, it was really useful for me to learn that there's a post-metal genre as I was only aware of the existence of post-rock by far. I tend to be a genre tag freak so that's what I found on Pelican's page. 


By the way, I'm still not sure how the Top Track stat works and mainly what time period it does include. I tried searching on Google but no results managed to answer my question. 

Hi @Ivan, it’s great to hear that you enjoy this track by Pelican as well; have fun hanging out with your friend!


Some other bands that are also tagged as post-metal on and that I enjoy listening to as well include Russian Circles, Spotlights, and Alcest. You may already be familiar with these bands, but in case not, I thought I would share my favorite tracks of theirs:








I’m not sure how the Top Track stat works on, either. However, I have noticed that my Top Track changes to the most-scrobbled song within the “Default timeframe” that I’ve set the “Top Tracks” section of my profile to (which can be changed from one’s profile by clicking on the “gear” icon next to “Top Tracks”; or by navigating to “Settings”->”Profile”->”Display Preferences”>”Top Tracks”).


I’ve also noticed that if two tracks are “tied” for the highest number of scrobbles within the time period that I’ve set my “Top Tracks” to, then the track by the band with a name earlier in the alphabet takes precedence as the Top Track.



AdamDamSpotify Star
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My top tracks change rather rapidly sometimes.. and on other times I'll be stuck on one song for days : )

but currently, at this moment, it's a Khiva's track. I bought it 2 days ago.




Found it in the "Sound of Bass Music" playlist (which I keep my eye on for updates, I love bass music). Had to pause the track a few times because something was rumbling, like a huge tractor was operating near the house.
Paused. Nothing.
Hit play again, and the rumble was present, and it's feels super eery.


That's some of the most thunderous basses I have heard so far. It's quite terrifying, really. : )

I want to take this track with me and find a nice soundsystem with a proper sub to abuse with it.


Khiva is one of the (unfortunately!) rare female dubstep producers and I love her music.
Reminds me of some Femme Fatale characters from some movies. Except this one is not a human, but a fallen angel. And she has a knack for both beat production and shooting people from impossible distances.

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