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Your favourite Movie Soundtrack


Your favourite Movie Soundtrack

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What's up everybody?!


So, recently I stumbled across one of my most reccomended-to-me films of all time on Netflix - Drive.


Everyone at the office, as well as in my circle-of-friends, have told me to get and watch this film. Finally last night, I did and it did not disappoint. 


(cue endless "I told you so's)


One of my favourite parts of the film is it's soundtrack. It's superb and fits in with every scene that it features. Nothing too flashy or blockbustery, but subtle and placed perfectly within the story.


I instantly fell in love with the music and have been revisiting the soundtrack thoughout the day. Having done this I believe this is honestly my favourite movie soundtrack. 


So, in the spirit of the Community. I want to know yours 😄


Comment below and inspire me to revisit some great cinema.

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Re: Your favourite Movie Soundtrack

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My favourite soundtrack isn't from a movie but I want to put it here anyway!


It's the score from Suits! It really fits well with the show and helps emphasise the most impactful moments in the episodes. The score is used in conjunction with some proper songs, all of which are also brilliant and really fits with the show's aesthetic.



Re: Your favourite Movie Soundtrack

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I want to share both of my favourite movie soundtracks:


The first is the soundtrack from the movie 'Interstellar', everybody should know this masterpiece by Hans Zimmer. It fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the movie.



The second soundtrack is from the german movie 'Berlin Calling' it was composed/creatd by Paul Kalkbrenner.




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Re: Your favourite Movie Soundtrack


Here are my all-time favorite movie soundtracks, they represent fairly diverse genres of music and film.


Clueless Soundtrack: A lot of underrated artists here like Jill Souble and The Muffs.  



Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack: Obviously an entirely different type of music




Burlesque Soundtrack 




Re: Your favourite Movie Soundtrack


I agree, Zimmer's interstellar score is incredibly powerful and moving.

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Re: Your favourite Movie Soundtrack

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This is my most recenty liked movie soundtrack:


Driftwood by Aggie Hsieh


It's called Driftwood by Aggie Hsieh from the movie Upside Down.


When I finished the movie, I was listening to this song and realized it's foreign but it is very beautiful. I looked up its English lyrics and indeed, it is beautiful.

Re: Your favourite Movie Soundtrack


Since the album isn't on here. The superbad soundtrack is awesome!



Re: Your favourite Movie Soundtrack

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Movie : Reservoir Dogs


Go check my similar playlist :

Plus rest of my playlists :


Enjoy! 😉

Re: Your favourite Movie Soundtrack


Jimmy Cliff not only performed a majority of the soundtrack, but starred in the 1972 film "The Harder They Come." This soundtrack is largely credited as popularizing reggae music in the United States. It's really good.



Re: Your favourite Movie Soundtrack


One of my other favourites definetly the soundtrack from the movie "Theory of Everything", especially great for studying


Another favourite of mine is "The Life and Times of Scrooge" by Tuomas Holopainen which technically isn't a movie soundtrack but Holopainen described it as "Soundtrack for movie never made" (it's soundtrack for a graphic novel)