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define the "new" genre of Otakusuite music!


define the "new" genre of Otakusuite music!

Hi everybody!


I recently discussed about genre with a friend... and i uphold the tesis that OTAKUSUITE with their debut album EGGS started a new genre..

i mean you can in some way put them into a big category as "jazz-rock" but they're too stoner for that definition.. you can call them a psychedelic band but they're even progressive... sometimes you can feel the desert rock atmosphere, and in the same song you find something about funk and even a bit post-rock...


usualy the reviwers give the names to any new genre (and they can find a definition for any new release!)... but in the reviews they did about "EGGS" around the world any writer didn't find yet a definition ..


just tell me : can you define them? is it a new genre? how can we call it? do you have any suggestion? 



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