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indie music


indie music

What are some good indie bands ? I have been listening to the antlers and the cloud cults a lot
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There you go buddy 😃

a lot of good indie pop/rock music and I'll update it frequently till the end of time.

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have a great day 😃




Check out my playlist Constantly Evolving -- some arcana -- and esp. Check out Burakumin.

You can never go wrong with Imagine Dragons! It's indie rock/alternative rock but always been a favourite of mine. Same with M83. Indie/rock is a great combination, and since their popular bands, it's also got pop genre intertwined in.


You should definately check out the new album by Imagine Dragons called Smoke + Mirrors. I'm currently addicted to it. 🙂

CRAFT SPELLS IS A DEFINITE MUST LISTEN TO. Listen to the song "After the Moment"
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Architecture In Helsinki



The Jungle Giants



Young The Giant



Dan Croll 



Bombay Bicycle Club



Air Traffic Controller


I honestly don't know of many true "Indie" bands but I'll give you some bands that I know are not well known and that I think are great (some of these don't make music anymore.) I hope you find enjoyment from these. Happy listening.


Jose Gonzalez

Imogen Heap

Ben Howard

Eli Mardock

This Mortal Coil

The The

The Xx


Just though I'd throw myself in here as an indie house artist 😛

Check me out.

Add your tracks!

What's a Spotify Rock Star , and how do I become one?
Do not touch
Don't touch this either
Seriously, stop


ci joint quelques unes de mes playsists indie-rock (16) d'après les morceux de la semaine de JD Beauvalet,je ne vous publierai ici que les trois premières 

Une seconde playlist

Une Troisième Playlist:

A Bientôt

tu pourrais la mettre directement avec le lecteur,car là tu mets les artiste mais pas les titres concernés

Check out the demo album Positive by Soadi The Indie Rocker @position number 3 in the dutch reverb charts


Check out the demo album Positive by Soadi The Indie Rocker @position number 3 in the dutch reverb charts


another band to watch out for in 2015 are the blue collars superb


Here's a 3+ hr playlist surveying NYC's active and undiscovered indie bands:

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i have some cool songs on my playlists 🙂

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