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j-pop! j-pop! need more japanese song


j-pop! j-pop! need more japanese song

j-pop! j-pop! need more japanese song

why dont have j-pop?

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I know there are some J-Pop songs that aren't available in all Countries.

I found this website that let's you see in which Countries a particular song is available on Spotify. It's not an official website and I don't work for Spotify but this may be useful 🙂

I agree.
J-pop industry is still super conservative.

I wanna listen to
- KinkiKids
- V6
- King & Prince

Their CD sales are always outstanding and Spotify will get max benefits - more listener!
Why not, more J-pop on Spotify?


Thanks, AyuTheHuman,

I wonder if Spotify notices these huge undeveloped fields in Japan?
Those artists who I previously mentioned, belong to just one label, J-Stream, known as Johnny's Entertainment.They are already very popular in Asian countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, China and Hong Kong etc
If Spotify release their music, it gonna be great deal of public attention in Japan and other Asian countries.

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