music stream cutting out all the time


music stream cutting out all the time

Gig Goer

I've posted many times on this board you guys, and this will be my last time.  and before anyone tells me the basics of troubleshooting, keep in mind I've written software for 30 years, so I've got it all covered already.  My complaint is that your service is horrid, and it always has been for me.  And now for the last 2 days, music is cutting out literally all the time, ever second or 2.  I can't really here anything.  so, to appease the answerers here, here's everything I've done to fix it:


=> uninst. - reinst. spotify desktop app

=> run cCleaner on win 10 LT, and restarted machine

=> defreg the hard drive

=> tried 4 different wi-fi network signals, including my go-to, which is the hotspot on my phone

=> tried playing spotify using my car's bluetooth tech, built-in


nothing works.  and keep in mind that this is not a bluetooth issue, as the problem persists if I play it through my LT speakers.


so the question I've got it there anyway I can try to connect to a different server when this happens?  Obviously every large company has hundreds of servers that exist for the same purpose.  anyone got an answer for this?  or can at least provide some insight?  thanks.