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"You Are the Quarry" - Why was it removed?


"You Are the Quarry" - Why was it removed?

The album "You Are the Quarry" by Morrissey seems to have been removed from your catalog. What happened? Thanks.

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Hey @beepmoller


The album has become unavailable due to various reasons, such as changes in licensing. Seeing I can still listen to the album, it's probably a regional matter. 🙂


These things can happen - I have seen many albums become unavailable whilst the labels/distributors update something, or the rightsholders are switching. The content will (likely) reappear a little later.


Hope this helps, have a nice day!

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Hi Sebastian. Thank you for the response. I live in the Philippines and it seems "You Are the Quarry" has been taken down in my region as well. Hope to see the album back on Spotify so I could enjoy my playlist consistently. 

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