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theres like this problem with some lyrics


theres like this problem with some lyrics

besides the premium feature problem, songs like "dont get close" and "scream" (both by slipknot cuz im a huge fan of them) have the wrong lyrics. like you can look in the app and look in the lyrics and be like "huh?? that doesnt make sense!" and then you go look up the lyrics on the genius website and it makes so much more sense. its so sad how some lyrics are spotify are wrong compared to the lyrics that have been corrected on genius. like for example on one of the lyrics on "dont get close" by slipknot, it says in the app its "you take the rivalries, and never made much sense", whereas on genius, the lyrics say "you take the REVERENT, and never made much sense". see how the lyrics are corrected on genius? thats a perfect example on how some lyrics arent actually right when you look at the lyrics on spotify compared to when you look at the lyrics when you go on the genius website and look up those lyrics? usually, lyrics on musixmatch and lyricfind arent always right, whereas genius's website, THEY get all the work done instead of just laying back and just typing out typos and it wouldnt make sense if it wasnt for getting the lyrics right for once. spotify please fix the lyrics!!

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