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what music do you listen to fall asleep?


what music do you listen to fall asleep?

Hi there,

just wondering what music you listen to when falling asleep.

I usually listen to soft African music, Brian Eno or classical chambermusic (quiet piano).

But it would be nice to discover other music in different genres.

It can be anything as long as there are no sudden dynamic outbursts in volume...

Looking forward to your suggestions.

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That's a nice question 🙂


I personally don't listen to music to fall asleep (anymore). I used to listen to some spiritual stuff (Deva Sangeet) and other calm songs I had in my portable player back then.


But if I need to calm myself down in order to fall asleep, Amon Tobin is my go-to.

Usually I put Bricolage on a spin, but recently when I was in a completely new environment and I needed to calm down my excitement, AT management has a pretty good playlist which worked really well on me.


It's this one, if interested:


(I am shocked 'Horsefish' isn't there!)


During high school I listened to the demo version of this one a lot:


The demo had no vocals and some of the details were also missing, but for me it was perfect. 'Arati' from the same album was also nice.


That's about it 🙂


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I like to listen to this playlist while falling asleep



Hi @Sebasty,


yes, I like Amon Tobin! However some of his song are better for daytime... I will listen more closely and select them...



Thanks @Nico,

that's a relaxing list. I gave it a quick listening now but  will definitely try it!




True, AT songs are really more suitable for (active) listening.

There are a few songs that have a nice calming effect tho, like these:



and this one, to an extent


(though it's more successful in bending my knees with its sheer beauty)


If you want nice calm music, I really recommend Funki Porcini!
I love this album:

It's calm, but definitely not boring like many of such songs tend to be.


Aphex Twin has some nice songs, one of my friend used to use songs like

to fall asleep.



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Hi @Sebasty

Funki porcini is a new discovery, exactly like you say, calm but not boring...

And Nova is very good!

so much to listen that i won't sleep anymore haha

Thanks again


i have this playlist that i listen to befire bed !! 100% helps fall sleepy




Do you know Olafur Arnalds? He´s an islandic composer and besides film scoring he has written different albums like "Living Room Songs" or "Island Songs" and this is super chill. I really love to hear this kind of music in bed and even if I dont really want to fall asleep it is way to easy with this 🙂
Hope this is something for you,

All the best,

Hi @Hoperisk,

thanks for your suggestion! Although I knew his name, I never listened to his music. And you're right it's superchill.


Hey there! I usually listen to slow jazz or ambient/piano music.


I have this late night melancholy playlist which is really slow and doesnt have too much beat:


And then I have this one...which really calms you down, but its with mantras and singing bowls and so on, maybe not for everyone ^^




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When I can't fall asleep I turn this on. It acts as a nice ambient noise blocker too!

Hey there

This album was created for my wife who suffered from insomnia. We have had very good results from this album running at night in full stretch.
Maybe you can give it a go also ?

Best regards

I can't listen to music at night, but if I'm alone, this is the one:



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 Acoustic guitar and soundtrack music

great for chilling out and relaxing

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