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☀️ Summer-playlists?!


☀️ Summer-playlists?!

Post your summer-list 😃

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Here's mine!


It's mostly Hip hop and R&B, but it's so perfect for our transition into summer! 




Enjoy!!! xo

here is mine! a combination of pop Boyband songs and Kpop spotify:user:3i5jdiw8iluy1vxhjla5hw204:playlist:4fxC6ScOuGQ9aJMlmbq1dL enjoy!

this is my playlist for chilling at sunset and on the beach 🙂

Dope list. Following yours now. Follow back!



Check this out! Weekly updated 🏄



Seascapes Smooth Jazz: Smooth out your day with 70+ hours of the best Smooth Jazz instrumentals, the music that feels like you're on vacation

how can i attach my playlist ? 🙂

@Niiiz Hey! 🙂

Under the playlist name > click on the 3 dots > share > copy playlist link

Paste the link in a message

🍎 Italian reggaeton,

Always looking for new pieces 

bops, jamz, and bangerz coming right up!


Finally got 500+ followers on my Summer Vibes playlist. Check it out!

A playlist that recreates the feeling of summer, chilling and just having a good time.


Mainly consists of alternative R&B songs.

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