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100 songs challenge

100 songs challenge

Hey guys, 


A friend of my challenged me to make a playlist with 100 songs by 100 different artists a couple years ago.


And it turns out it's actually quite a difficult challenge. It's tough to pick which are your 100 favorite artists and then select your favorite song by each, I have to say mine is still a work in progress. I'll post my latest update of the list here this week. 


It would be interesting if we all did this and shared our playlists here. It's a great way to get a quick sense of each other's music taste. 



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Nice challenge, but not very practical in my opinion.

I like the idea


Loved the Billy Joel Miami 2017 - thanks for reminding me of that song! (I'm originally from Miami but Billy Joel was the one who convinced me to move to NY. Thanks!!)

@jannapelle You make me smile....Thank You!!!


Wish you only the very best!!!

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100000000000%!  Their song "Plant Life" helped me through the loss of my best friend. He was a teacher - one of his students made this video to this Owl City song:
He was killed on his bike while on Bike and Build by a distracted driver. I'm actually working on an album now called VOICEMEMO dedicated to him. Which will be on Spotify soon - follow back! <33


Here's mine! Love listening to everyone else's! 


TOTAL TIME: 6 hours and 18 minutes



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I love this idea! So much fun listening to everybody's 🙂 

Here is mine below!


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great idea! I think i might do this 😛 

I will try it!

Started getting hard at around 50! Awesome challenge.



This is an awesome idea! Shout out to Meredith's friend! I'll give it a shot, I'll get back when it is done 😛


Hello! I have a great playlist with no repetition of artists:


  • Trippy music for relaxing and distracting.
  • Multicultural collection.
  • Weekly curated.
  • Since 2015.
  • ~268 songs.
  • No repetition of artists.

Accepting suggestions and/or collaborations. ❤️


See if it fits your taste:


Exploring, learning and contributing.

Thanks for songs 

I came up with just over 200 songs from 200 artists 😄 how do I post the list?

Wow, this seems hard, I'm not going to attempt it because of how many songs I like, congratulations to the people who were able, I guess! (?)



@meredith sounds like a cool challenge... I'll have to try it sometime:)

I'm going to try this as well but I don't think it's going to be that challanging

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