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12 hours minimal piano * playlist


12 hours minimal piano * playlist

Hi there, this playlist is not mine, is curated by the German star pianist Dirk Maassen, I think it largely deserves being shared here



I guess that, as more music is being added, the title will increase the first figure 🙂


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Thanks for sharing this playlist! It's something that I was looking for!

yeah he did a good playlist

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Jorge Segovia on facebook

hey there, check out PHINLEY. Great Pianist with amazing compositions

Listen for first to the 13-years awaited neo classical award winning  piano ambient album of Maestro Stefano Petrini "THE MUS1C" :



"The new Era of piano"-The Nation
"Davvero notevole"-M°Roberto Cacciapaglia
"Much better than Rachmaninoff", a"false study of Chopin",
"technique superior to Liszt" -Sounds

 Hi There, 

Please find my first release "Jours" (piano, minimalism). 

Hope you will like it. 

Jour, Pt III

Jour, Pt VII

Jour, Pt IX

Could fit, I guess... I hope 🙂

Thank you very much.


Following! Here is my mix of classical and jazz piano playlist. I hope you like it and would love if you gave it a follow if you do💛

Really love this - have given it a follow!

Here's mine - updated regularly and featuring carefully curated contemporary classical piano music. Great for relaxation, self-care, focus, reading or if you just love piano music! Please have a listen/follow if you like 🙂

Check out my playlist of soft felt piano pieces

As random as it'll sound, I came back to this thread because I didn't notice that Mr. Maassen had changed the name of the playlist, and I thought that it was deleted (as there are two deleted playlists on the same folder where I have this playlist).


You can imagine my relief when I saw that the embedded playlist was still there, and that only the name was changed...

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