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420 - Rap, Hip-Hop and Chill


420 - Rap, Hip-Hop and Chill

Yeah, this Playlist is for everyone who enjoys to chill out and listen to the finest Rap Tunes of the US. Listen to Rap Legends like Dr. Dre, JAY-Z and 2Pac and my more.


172 Replies

If you got some suggestions, feel free to share them.



I like the Olschool Part of the Playlist ^^



Hello everybody,


Listen to the best songs from brazilian rap and hip hop

Quebrada Brasil: brazilian rap

Is about 2hr of music.


Enjoy and follow!



This is as close as I've seen to my playlist!




I update it weekly so you're welcome to check it out. Old, new, mainstream and underground songs make up the playlist for ultimate head-bobbing needs 🙂


Head Bob Hip Hop

Follow me

Hey @StvnMltn

Nice playlist but there hasn't been an update since over a week. -.-



Sorry man, Christmas got in the way. Don't worry, I'll update it Monday
Follow me



This track is very nice!

Thanks for adding it. ^^




I'm finding new artists and songs all the time.


I love Spotify! Best subscription for music on the market.

Follow me me guys. I post new music daily on the weekdays. So far my main playlist is at almost 600 songs and its growing daily. Check it out.

Hey @sockoo! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Thanks for sharing your playlist. ^^



thank you m8 🙂

Your playlist consists of the most popular hip hop artists today. Spotify supplies about 15 playlists that do the same thing.


If you do some research and find gems that haven't been heard by everyone on earth, it will help you gain some following.


Look through my playlist and let me know how many artists you have never heard of. I'd be interested to know if you've heard of most of them. Then listen to the songs and you'll see that they are almost better than what's being put out by all these big-name guys.

Follow me

thanks for your respons. ill watched your playlist and know the most of the artist.

About 5-7 Artists i never heard about. i like your music style. Follow for that!

@StvnMltn You're right! 

I will put some hidden gems into my playlist in the next weeks. But the popular artists are good to. 

This is one of my favourites of your playlist. ^^




Still working on hip hop playlist. Hope you guys like it. 🙂




if you love hiphop you love this. The most up to date I have found so far, and it is updated daily!!

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