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60s and 70s playlist


60s and 70s playlist

I'm hook with 60s and 70s Playlist and fall inlove with classic beats. What's your Playlist classic? Excited to hear it from different Playlist creators! 


Drop your Playlist at comments  and please don't forget tofollow my Playlist too 😊

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Hey! Cool playlist, thanks for sharing.
Here's mine 🙂


Oh, maybe you like this one as well!
It's a bit more soft, it is my feel good playlist 🙂
60's and 70's music is so powerful though.

Great playlist!

Here's my 60s/70s playlist for the summer:


This is just a collection of my fave 60s songs. Over 6 hours long. Needs a bit of work though. 

Some great playlists here!!!!

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