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80’s Funk & Soul essentials?


80’s Funk & Soul essentials?

Dancefloor bangers.

Catchy sax and guitar solos.

Groovy Soul and R&B songs. 

What are your 80’s Funk & Soul essentials?

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Hey 0AI0!


Great playlist, liked! I love funk and soul, but don't have a playlist with songs exclusively from the 80s. Thought I'd share the soulful playlist I created in the new year nonetheless as it has a mix of the genres you mentioned, hope you enjoy it:


What a groovy list! I really enjoyed the vibe, especially from the oldie songs there. Do you mind if I check other playlists from yours? 

Absolutely! Really glad to hear you enjoyed the vibes, appreciate it 🙏 Checking out your profile too 👍


Spotify Profile:


You might also like my Soulful Rhythms playlist (funk/soul/broken beats), enjoy 🙂


Awesome! Thanks for sharing, gonna listen to it and get some inspiration 🙌🏽

I think I have some motown and retrowave lists aswell, but this funky soul is the one I normally interact with; I’ll normally be updating it, adding new songs and trying to tidy it up a bit haha, so you’ll see more changes there if you pop from time to time. 

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