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80s Retro Wave Playlist - Carefully selected!


80s Retro Wave Playlist - Carefully selected!

Hey folks,

I know there are already quite a few 80s, Retro Synth Wave, Outrun playlists on the platform. Nevertheless. I took lot of time to carefully chose only the best songs. I combined the New Wave genre with old famous Classics from the 80s and the significant synthsizers. Perfect mood for: 

- Driving at night throgh a mega city

- Concentrate and focus, but also for repetitive tasks

Hope you enjoy!


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...also check out my other different genre playlists: 🙂


Hi All please look into my 80s list snce its one of the best out there in my mind at least..

Partly since I partied all 80s..and where collecting music then as well..

But also since it contains so many songs that are really good and somewhat unknown..

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