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9+ hours of chilled trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop and electronic lounge music.


9+ hours of chilled trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop and electronic lounge music.

Hey people,


this playlist will provide you with hours of melodic, groovy tracks. Use it while studying, playing pool, relaxing or working.

It does NOT only contain your usual tracks by well-known artists like Bonobo, Massive Attack and the like, but a lot of unknown gems as well.


Updated weekly.







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Thanks for this playlist. im listening to it right now 🙂

Kind regards,

Max aka. Amarro

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What is a Spotify Rock Star and how do i become one?

Im not a Spotify Employee.

You're welcome, hope you liked it. 🙂


The list will keep growing. Stay tuned.

Listening now, you might like this list... 




Thanks, I really like your list. Great selection.

It's a nice complement to my playlist, yours is much more electronic and ambient like, mine focuses a bit more on beats.



Cheers cuewizchris, yeah I lik the beat side too, I'm enjoying your list!

me likey

List has received some more updates and keeps growing. Subscribe now! 😄

So many gems in there, thanks for sharing



Would love if you gave this track a spin, think it would fit right at home


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