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A playlist that makes you travel


A playlist that makes you travel

From moody oldies songs up to heavy stuff, you'll be traveling around the world, but it's also quite an emotional journey! 🙂

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@maximenemy this is an absolutely outstanding list, revolving around Nick Cave and PJ Harvey who are two of my favourite songwriters! I'd love to know more about how you put this together and what it means to you 🙂

Hey thanks @crematedman!




Nice list

Talking about series: with good soundtracks:

House of Cards

Twin Peaks

The bridge/bron/broen

Hey Magnus! Thanks for the hints, I'll check this out!

I like Stranger Things too and Punisher

@maximenemy you get to discover and create at the same time!


Peaky Blinders is incredible ^_^

I heard again about Twin Peak and it's on my list! Now I'm enjoying to your "Indie(pendent)" playlist!

Love the list, Thanks for sharing


Happy Listening


Thansk Keanu! Let me know if you have a favorite song or if you did some discoveries



I added a song to my playlist and dropped it between Nine Inch Nails and Mark Lanegan! Do you think it's a great spot? Let me know what you think!

Hello great great playlist, thanks a lot.

Nick Cave :)))))

it is precious to get those kind of music.




We Are The  Line

I added a few french songs to my playlist!! Check out the latest one here:


Dwell in the music if you don't understand the language! 😉

hey cool stuff, I have a playlist with a similar goal, check it out 🙂

Thanks for the head's up Julia! I already like some of the titles so I'm eager to discover more! 😄 

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