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ALL genres drop your playlists here!!


ALL genres drop your playlists here!!

Let's start a follow for follow party going...I personally enjoy all genres but you all can pick and choose your taste. My playlist is hip hop rnb rap and trap. All indie artist from Austin Texas.

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Hey? Good job with that playlist. Here is my playlist with the top trending afro beat singles from Africa featuring artists such as Wizkid & Davido. The beats in these songs are crazy you gotta dance. Guess it's perfect for shower time haha. Enjoy

Calling all WISH BUS Fans!!!!

Here are some compilations of Songs in different Genre performed in WiSH 107.5...

Click here and FOLLOW...

My massive jukebox, shuffle recommended. hope you enjoy 🙂

Weekly Playlist of This week’s New music only (updated daily)



A mix of different genres with jazzy influences!!


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This is indie rap that I want to hear more of in 2019.

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