Acoustic guitar lovers?

Acoustic guitar lovers?

Here's my first playlist of all acoustic guitar instrumentals. I'm in an acoustic guitar folk duo and also have a blog/internet radio station devoted to acoustic guitar instrumental music called


I've just recently started using Spotify and am liking it a lot and plan on creating a lot more acoustic guitar related playlists in the future.


My artist profile link:


Playlist link:


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very nice playlist, i really like it 🙂

follow this everyone who plays the guitar or trying to learn the guitar  


its a nice mix of indie and rock music and some great acoustics


some are very easy to learn and play 


Songs to play on Guitar


 username stig2009 


enjoy 🙂

These instrumental acoustic guitar songs from Antiqcool may be suitable for Guitar Radio...Cheers! Pete

Hey there, if you still have a playlist, would you mind stuffing a few of my tunes in there?


I´ve recorded my first instrumental acoustic album. I hope you like it.


Hughs from Madrid, Spain 

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