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Acoustic playlists, please


Acoustic playlists, please


BathtubBlues - is a mostly acoustic, peaceful playlist.


I would like to hear similar tracks/playlists 🙂




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Yeah 😄 thanks @user-removed

Hi! You have a really good taste ✌️

Think you may like tihs one:

@rossi1911 I've never really enjoyed Muse 🙂

@ralphburrows Many old songs. It made me take a trip down memory lane  🙂

@BCBozeman Background music, thumbs up! 

@skrec Hello! thanks 🙂

Nice voice @Bodibag 🙂

Good mix @valeriaolave16 🙂

@forgottenman Nice 🙂

@tanyeah Hey girl! Great taste in music 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Kaleo's  "All the pretty girls" is one of my favorite songs!

i liked your playlist! acoustic music is so soothing. like my playlist back if you feel like it!!:)

Here's mine. It's not fully acoustic but still. Hope you'll enjoy it!

I hope you like my new playlist. I Will follow you back 😊

Check out my new playlists. Hope you like them and feel free to like or follow if you want to 🙂 I will follow you back 😃

Here is a chilled acoustic song of mine:



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