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Acoustic playlists, please


Acoustic playlists, please


BathtubBlues - is a mostly acoustic, peaceful playlist.


I would like to hear similar tracks/playlists 🙂




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Not really my cup of tea 🙂

Have a nice day!

@user-removed Ok 🙂


@nanbaggio Nice! I like live songs, especially if they cut the applause. 

But if the performance is amazing enough... 

My playlist smooth is actually made for baths, but it does have some more upbeat songs every once in a while!

If you want straight acoustic slow, here I say more of that.

@silver_olive The first one! You've some really good tracks there 🙂 Thank you

I have this playllist called "calm rainy nights" which has 600+ songs 🙂

Great! Thank you 🙂 @anoushagaia

Try listening to this song! I love it 🙂

@rossi1911 So-so 🙂 


I've only started putting together an acoustic playlist recently. I'm a little picky with what I put in my playlists but I believe you'll love this collection so far! 🙂


Please check it out and let me know what you think! 

Uggghh I LOVE Stars! One more night is amazing!

@rossi1911 I like iron & Wine 🙂


@aldo028 You've included some good tracks in there. Thanks!


@kevinjanz Yeah! We've similar taste in music 🙂


@alaindecarne Wow! Really good! I added your track to the playlist. Thx!


@gracexfish Nice! Both of them! Thank you for sharing! 

An acoustic guitar playlist for a better night's sleep.


Thank you!

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