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Acoustic playlists, please


Acoustic playlists, please


BathtubBlues - is a mostly acoustic, peaceful playlist.


I would like to hear similar tracks/playlists 🙂




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This is a playlist I've made of all instrumental, violin music (classical, jazz, and pop covers.) It's all chill, downtempo songs for relaxing.

Here's my playlist with all of my favorite acoustic songs 🙂



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Thx guys 🙂

Good list! You've included some good covers too 🙂 @rafaelive83

Hey, you might like this playlist - very chilled acoustic vibes:

Hi! check this out! hope you enjoy this songs.


this one have a very sad/emotional vibe;


this is an "Avenged Sevenfold - A little piece of heaven" alternative trap version:


if u have enjoyed any of this songs u should follow her profile on Spotify!




Thank you


@jacobm5 really really nice!


Thanks OrangeJuice! Do follow if you're into it.


If you like that playlist you might also like my band Faeland, we play chilled acoustic music. Feel free to add any of our songs on to your playlists.

Nice @jacobm5 🙂 Thx!

Really nice rnb-list @Bodibag 🙂

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