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Afro Funk, Afro Soul, Afro Jazz, Afro Beat playlist


Afro Funk, Afro Soul, Afro Jazz, Afro Beat playlist

Here's a playlist, Inspired By Fela Kuti. Funky Afro grooves from the 70s:


My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

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Heck (can I say fuck in this forum?), yes. Thank you.
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The Goods.

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated 🙂

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Solid playlist! I love this African music.


How did you get the kind of account where you can write a playlist description, and add your own image?


What do they call this type of account?







@FunkishAudio That's a perk i got when i reached Rockstar status on this forum. Also artists/bands can get such an account i think.

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Yes Yes Yes that's how to make a playlist @Jazzwhatever

I will check out your Afrobeat special WIS18 for some more inspiration 🙂



My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever



You might like this one:


Especially the second song.

@Rasaki Thanks, but i'm more into Afrofunk from the 70s.

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Check this out guys. Am sure you gonna love it.

@Jazzwhatever funky indeed!

I'm sure you know most of this, but here's another Afrobeat playlist! Enjoy!


My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

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Check out this new track from STIG, the song is inspired by afrobeat and is super funky. It features a rippin sax solo and would be a great addition to your awesome playlist @jazzwhatever


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Here is an international dance playlist I created over the last 3 years to get me through law school and covid quarantine haha. Has tons of afro sounds but other good vibes too. Follow and share!

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