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[All Platforms][Playlists] Wider Variety of International Music Through the Decades


[All Platforms][Playlists] Wider Variety of International Music Through the Decades

I -- an American -- recently been looking to expand my music palette, and I decided to look through international (Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Brasilian, European, etc.) music from the decades (60's through the 80's) spanning several genres. I have gone looking through Spotify to add these songs and albums to my collections, and I am disappointed to see that more than half the time my search yields no results. I find it surprising becuase many of the songs/albums I have found will have a variety of sources to listen to for free or download at a low cost. 


The point of this post being: I would like to create a thread for music suggestions that fit this similar criteria. Any genre welcome, but mostly focusing on the classics from around the world that have shaped today's current music evolution and should be added to Spotify's continually incredible music curations. I would also love to hear details, rather than just a name and an artist. I will be posting here frequently with short desriptions of each song/album, the year, nationality, and why they are significant to music culture and history! I hope to hear from Spotify fans and music lovers soon.



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"Escalation c. 1974" (FULL ALBUM) by Ralfy Now (ft. various musicians) - German(?) - Aprox. 30 minutes

This progressive/experimental/psychedelic rock album is a classic. It is an essential addition to any collection in such genres. It has been described as a musical masterpiece by the lesser-known forums and blogs. Wild crecendos of intense and high tempo rock are balanced well with Now's flute/sax, easing you into a sort of tribal peaceful lul.


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