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All Rocky Horror, All the Time


All Rocky Horror, All the Time

The Rocky Horror Show/Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the most popular musicals of all time. Its fans are fans for life. Those lucky enough to live in a city with like minded fans often attend screenings of the film multiple times in costume and even perform a live show alongside the film.


I myself, live in Portland Oregon, home of the longest running weekly showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (since 1978!). During the pandemic one died in the wool fan went to the theatre every week and showed the film to himself- so the record wouldn't be broken! That's how much people love this show.

With Halloween only 85 days away, it's time to think about our wild & untamed side, so I give to you ALL ROCKY HORROR ALL THE TIME - a playlist of everything Rocky Horror I could find on Spotify.

Original Cast, Film Soundtrack, Revivals, International Casts, Remakes, Covers, it's all here. There's even an album of Rocky Horror lullabies! Click to Time Warp over to Frankenstein's Place, please like/save/follow and share with your Rocky Horror friends!

All Rocky Horror All the Time 


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Thanks for sharing this amazing collection! 


My friends and I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show so so much! (we even got matching hoodies to show our love 😁)


This list may or may not be playing in my background of all the 85 days up till Halloween 🦇



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