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An Atypical Monthly Playlist


An Atypical Monthly Playlist

I've been making a new playlist every month for the last several years, but every time I make a new one, its not the "original source", so anyone following along would need to "like" the new one I create each time. I am now going to be copying the songs from each complete versions to archive it so that I only have one true playlist to follow.

The thing I love about music is that it can match any mood, so my playlists are my version of keeping a journal; what you hear is likely my mood for a give month and tells my story. 

The month of July 2022 is both somber and likely the most exciting moments of my life as I cope from a heartbreak so strong that I am uprooting my life in Michigan and heading west to Colorado.


Follow along for my thoughtful monthly tunes!

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