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Any Ideas how to get more followers on a playlist?

Any Ideas how to get more followers on a playlist?

mostly shared it in Facebook groups and reddit.Please share your suggestions!

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1 - Select a target.
2 - Update constantly. A playlist with many followers can lose them all in a short time if it always remains the same. Changing the order of the tracks can also be useful.
3 - Take care of the sequence of the songs. Make sure there are not too many dead times.
4 - Enter a handful of unknown (but appreciable) artists. This has a multiple function. It lets you know how many streams your playlist has and how much the listeners diminish as the tracks progress. It can also create more curiosity in listeners who may have already heard many hits.
5 - Share on social media. In doing this, copy the list of artist names and songs. This will allow search engines to identify, for example, little-known songs and bring your article to the first pages of Google. Indeed, they will have few articles that mention them. You will get the attention of a niche but highly loyal public.

If these suggestions may seem useful, I will write more.


5+1 - Follow your followers 😉



thnx  :-') what do u mean by dead times?

@user-removed wrote:

thnx  :-') what do u mean by dead times?

.. of course, I mean a sequence of three or more boring songs, or simply with the same rhythm (unless this is wanted).

Thanks And I do find these tips useful. especially number 5


I forgot to start with the fundamentals, assuming that everyone does it.
0.1 - Find a catchy or descriptive name for your playlist
0.2 - Keep the playlist secret until you are satisfied with it, then publish it.
0.3 - Make a test copy (unpublished) where to try the new songs to be inserted and their arrangement. It will be easier to publish a complete update (for example on Friday) without showing the work in progress to your audience.
0.4 - Insert a cover image. Find a captivating or evocative subject of the music genre or mood of your playlist. Take care of the graphic so that it is not chaotic and customize it so that it is easily recognizable by your audience.
0.5 - Use the playlist description to insert a presentation that contains the keywords to find your music. Genres, subgenres, moods, little-known band names ..
0.6 - Do not use more than three songs by the same author and possibly not consecutive (unless something makes it necessary)
0.7 - Do not exceed the overall duration. Hundreds of songs would make listening difficult.
0.8 - Create a general mood when choosing songs. Most listeners use shuffle and would not like to hear Megadeth after Lady Gaga (maybe)
0.9 - For listeners who use the timeline of songs you can try using the 'crossfade' function during your pre-listening to check if the song sequence is good, but it's not necessary
0.95 - Pay special attention when choosing the first songs (6-8) of the playlist. Many users give up after a few seconds if, for example, there is a long uninteresting intro.
0.99 - The most important thing! You need listeners, not followers. Having a multitude of followers helps identify your selection as a good playlist but real listeners make the difference. (if you are promoting a niche of artists)
so if you liked the tips, today I ask you .. give a chance to these playlists, and if you don't like them, close them. But try it! 😉


..If you liked the suggestions next time I will talk about the 'tools'


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