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Anyone into techno music with little to no lyrics? (Edited)

Anyone into techno music with little to no lyrics? (Edited)

Here's a playlist I had made and it's been a huge work in progress already. I know there are other playlist with the same idea as this one but I am a little more strict on what can be added to my playlist especially when it comes trance with lyrics.


I hope you enjoy the playlist! 😄

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Hello bro! Im really into it, I have a similar playlist cause I find it awesome for trance and relaxing. Its great to find someone who also enjoys! Already listening to your playlist to get some suggestions, here is mine in case you want to check it out. Keep it up bro!

Awesome, thank you very much for taking a listen and suggesting your list to me. I have not had the time to listen to it but I will follow it so that way it will show up at the top of my playlists. Thank you again!

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