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Beautiful Piano Music


Beautiful Piano Music


I started a playlist that will focus on contemporary instrumental piano music


By the way, there should be tags for Classical / Contemporary / Instrumental music as well

27 Replies

Hi, would you mind adding this piece to your playlist.  I think it fits perfectly!

very nice playlist!


If you like piano music you might enjoy this one too..

great Playlist! Really nice choice of songs, you might also like this artist called Alexi Musnitsky! I think it would fit your playlist 🙂 Some have cello in the background!


if you are interested listen to my new album - last 12 years! -
Thank you

Hi, I'm KLAUDIA, an Italian artist.
I would like you to listen to my music.

Please could you take a look at my track 'Dreaming of Forever'? I think it would suit the playlist perfectly and as a 16 year old composer I'm really looking for a little boost.

Thank you very much!

I think my music fits well here, thanks


Juan Manuel Ruiz - will



I made a little piano piece you might like, would be happy if you (or anyone else) would include it into the playlist 😉


Listen for first to the 13-years-awaited neo classical award winning  piano ambient album of Maestro Stefano Petrini "THE MUS1C" :



"The new Era of piano"-The Nation
"Davvero notevole"-M°Roberto Cacciapaglia
"Much better than Rachmaninoff", a"false study of Chopin",
"technique superior to Liszt" Sounds

Hi There, 

I share with you my first EP release "Jours" (piano, minimalism) 

I think Jour, Pt III - Jour, Pt VII and Jour, Pt IX could fit... I hope.

Let me know.

Thank you very much. 



This is a lovely playlist, I have inserted some of my music here, I think it would fit perfectly well into your playlist and I'd appreciate it if you could add any of the songs you like.





I just released a solo piano album and I would like to recommend it to you and your playlist. Feel free to pick any song you like. 🙂  My favorite is Helena's Nocturne.

Have a nice day.

Hey guys! 


I released an instrumental piano EP a month ago and would love if you considered my track "Rest and Be Thankful" - I think it would fit the mood well.


Thanks for listening!



Here is one of my solo piano songs, for your consideration:

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