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Best New Worship Songs - Worship Playlist


Best New Worship Songs - Worship Playlist

Granted, worship music moves slowly and there are 4 or 5 major worship artists that contribute consistently to new releases. However, I'm looking for some new worship song releases in the last year to add to this Best New Worship Songs - worship playlist. 


So if you have discovered some great new worship songs, post a link here. Or if you're a worship artist, I'd love to hear what you're releasing!




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Hey, it's great you're looking for some new stuff! My wife and I have just released our first EP of worship music. You might enjoy it and like to add some songs to your playlist.

I've been really enjoying Shane & Shane and also some songs from the latest Hillsong Young and Free release


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Hi there - I've just released a new EP - I'd love you to consider for any playlists - particularly 'You Reign' which is being picked up by churches at the moment, thanks!

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