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Best Overall Songs of 2017 (Share Yours)


Best Overall Songs of 2017 (Share Yours)

Hey all! 


After the godsend that was 2016, we're all hoping for an encore! With new music from the xx, Bonobo, Foxygen, and on the horizon, Japandroids and Arcade Fire - the year is looking good ^_^


Same deal - share tracks you've loved from this year - known or unknown! I'll kick things off:




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@jacech thanks for following up! worth the wait ^_^

If you see this and enjoy these records follow me any support is much appreciated.


No Sleep

Dear Spotify Community

That's a great suggestion!

May I add some deep intelligent music into this thread? 

I've recently discovered this female electronica artist, whose music might be a great addition to your playlists! Check out especially the Warsaw in Blue track - a mix of ambient and light drum'n'bass. I have no idea how she did it, but it sounds so light and touching at the same time. Listen for yourself!


5 years too late a dealbreaker? 

Oh what the heck I saw this thread for the first time and thought I’d throw something together. 


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