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Best Real Country Music Playlists


Best Real Country Music Playlists

If you like real country music and not the stuff they are calling country today on radio then my lists are a must listen to for you.  Why spend hours combing through all the latest new albums when you can just grab my list usually updated every Friday or Saturday of the ten best new songs just released mostly, unless I missed something and caught it later.  I have several real country playlists with all or most of the newest songs released each week.  For 2019 I have my main list which went way beyond the 150 I was going to allow.  So much great new music this year!  That's called 2019 Top 150 Updated Monthly and I have The Top 10 Best Real Country Songs for 2019, that is shown below.  I have also set the big list up in ten song lists also that is under 2019 Annual Review #1 and it runs through #29.  I might add one more to make it an even 30.  I'll post the playlist names for 2020 in a new topic.

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Very nice, a few forgotten classics in there! 

I'm working on a country playlist myself 

Thanks Howard,

I've appreciate your thoughts. This particular playlist is all new releases so anytime classics would be remakes that are released on an album of new music.

The songs on three playlists I have are all traditionally real country music however and that is important to note. For three most part it's not the new type of country
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Thanks Sheri good luck with your music

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