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Best back to school songs?


Best back to school songs?

What are some of you guys favorite songs to get you amped up for school?

281 Replies

My favorite back to school song is 4 Minutes Later - This is London!! ❤️

Totally a great song! Just discovered it! Instant fan

we're going to be friends by the white stripes

Cold Cold Man by Saint Motel, Heebiejeebies by Aminé & Kehlani, **bleep** by EDEN, Talk Too Much by Coin, and Budapest by George Ezra are all great songs that I've been into this time of the year. I hope this helps!

If you're in college this is a relatable track for going out on the weekends. It goes surprisingly hard. Good luck in school

I graduated already, but this one's for all of you Freshers/Freshmen out there - Uni/College is one heck of a ride!

Going Away To College - Blink 182


If you’re into groovy, feel-good rock, you should check this out.

Hi I hope this songs will keep you awake in classes. check out my playlist

feel good 90s.jpg

Dw i got you i just made this song you might like it if you into hype rap

This playlist covers all four stages of life (according to The Godfathers!), which includes some fun "school" songs. Enjoy!


YES!  This was totally my band when I was back in high school


Thought provoking sounds and also dope, the epitome of back to school music.


reminds me of the times when school didn't matter

I'm a fan of stuff that can both motivate and relax me during school - I need the fine balance between the two so I'm fuelled to work but also restrained from going crazy!


I find the Courteeners to be quite a good balance of this, and a lot of similar artists too. I've just started this year's college playlist for myself (cutting it a bit fine!), so feel free to take some inspiration from it:




This new release from The Fur. is a perfect back to school song! 

Was released Sept 1st as well 🙂

spotify:user:82qtm2nfcjm81ormisf6czf8c:playlist:2PU3vAw7k2nJvrwUGpA99UThis is my motivational playlist for getting amped up for the day. Mostly Alt-Rock type tunes if you're into that!


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