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Best unknown artists in the world


Best unknown artists in the world

I was wondering if we can collect all the great artists out there which really deserve a bigger audience. I will bundle them and generate a playlist out of all our ideas. 

It would be great if we would find artists with less than 100K listeners a month. 


My first band I would recommend is Tenterhook.

I am looking forward to your ideas. 

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I really like your idea!  🙂

Here's two of my favorites:





Thanks OrangeJuice for the bands. They are really great. I am going to add them to the playlist. Any other great artists?

Thanks to this I just found their song "Show Me The River" a real nice song, cheers! 

Music makes memories.



My contribution to a GREAT idea : DYSON - Up All Night


Have a great day



Great song. We need more songs 😉



I like Cities Aviv. Cool combo of rythms, sounds and rap...


Following now... 🙂

Yes!! His stuff is very impressive- I had his song URL IRL on my playlist for a long time and I just listened to his other stuff yesterday and I love it. "HEAD" and "PERPETUATE THE REAL" are both really good songs too. 

Hey man! yeah Tenterhook is fantastic, I'm so glad that I discovered them a while back. This makes me very curious about your personal music. I must do a thorough playthrough of your goods on your spotifypage. 🙂


Here's a few bands and songs that is hidden gems in my book.















Hey guys, thanks for your ideas. The playlist gets better and better. 


Another song I love:


@Mclashlan1979 How did you embed the songs?


hey 😃

To embed songs you copy the spotify URL code (on a single track or an entire playlist). then you go to the community in a thread of your chosing and klick on <Insert/edit link> then you paste the same link in the upper two fields. Voila'! 🙂


You can find more information on how to embed codes if you search the site bro 😃

My method might not be the ultimate however but it works atleast 🙂

Have a great day amigo!


I have a playlist where I gather great new talents. It started as a playlist Spotify gave to me with newcomers and I just added more and more from there on. Some of them clearly have more than 100k listeners per month but most of them don't.


Hope you enjoy it.




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Ah I love Tenterhook! Here's another cool band:


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The first band i ever fell in love with is super unknown and i will always respect their two albums a lot. Tally hall is sooo lit!

Turn the Lights Off – Tally Hall
The Whole World and You – Tally Hall


Check out Salim Nourallah, can't remember which, but I read somewhere he was recommended by Rhett Miller or Patterson Hood, either way, a good recommendation.

Salim Nourallah

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