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Best unknown artists in the world


Best unknown artists in the world

I was wondering if we can collect all the great artists out there which really deserve a bigger audience. I will bundle them and generate a playlist out of all our ideas. 

It would be great if we would find artists with less than 100K listeners a month. 


My first band I would recommend is Tenterhook.

I am looking forward to your ideas. 

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Efence - Genre: Chill / Electronic on a Lo-Fi Level


Edit: On your playlist are artists with 1,6 Million views per month...


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Love the idea, always looking for great unknown artists to help become known! So much music out there its sometimes hard to find them.


I particularly like these guys:


I personally know they're also going to be releasing some new music towards the end of this year, early next! Get on them before your friends do!

Yo les recomiendo Que Escuchen a mi papá "Alejandro Almazán". Es cantante profesional en el género ranchero y me gustaria Que conocieran. 

Les dejo el enlace abajo de su Perfil Aquí.

Oberhofer is another god band, I realy like the song you +me (still together in the future)

I recomend Oberhofer


Hey! My name is Jimy powers

If you are still curating this playlist I would like to submit my song PLPD


this is my band!

Hope you guys like it!


Electronic rock

I would recommend this band from England. Their top track has just over 100,000 plays on Spotify. Their name is Shy Nature. They released their first album last year. It is amazing. this is a playlist of high level jazz musicians from europe that practically nobody listen to, they are just amazing, give them a try, hope you like it jazz lovers

Hi... this is me, definitely not many listeners at the moment but I just put my music back up after a few years of only posting it to bandcamp


At some point during my hiatus from streaming services this mean little dude stole my artist name (even some of my pre-2014 artist profiles isn't that crazy?!) anyway I am somewhat of a nobody but I did have a little mini following in LA where I was living at the time and Cape Cod where I went to high school (and am again living right now) anyway sorry to ramble on... long story short this dude totally tried to "take over" being Kid Indigo (that's my artist name, my real name is Aubrey Hart just for the record...) He did a pretty decent job too, really pimping his songs on the internet like crazy when I was silent and got a ton of plays etc, even got VERIFIED on instagram and stuff I couldn't believe it as I have been @kidindigo since 2011 and did have some followers after playing out/on the radio in LA and getting a lot of soundcloud action between 2013-2015 (at which point I stopped paying the premium fee, making all my songs which were over the upload limit inaccessible even to me, so I made all of the songs private and left the profile unattended, switching to a more "refined" posting approach and it is honestly maybe outdated at this point to lean towards "albums" and mystery when really the kids these days are more soundcloud instagram etc friendly)


ANYWAYYYYY so yeah everything blows except this one strange mystery, I did get a "this is" playlist, despite everything. Here it is, "This is Kid Indigo" ... my very own algorithmic artist editorial playlist by Spotify of my very own homemade Aubrey songs...


This is Kid Indigo 





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