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Black Holes & Spacetime | Modern Progressive Metal


Black Holes & Spacetime | Modern Progressive Metal



“A big misconception is that a black hole is made of matter that has just been compacted to a very small size. That's not true. A black hole is made from warped space and time.” -

Kip Thorne


I’ve been a fan of “Progressive Music” since I first heard YES, when I was in college, and just as a Black Hole warps space and time Progressive Music warps musical traditions, “Bands abandoned the short pop single in favor of instrumentation and compositional techniques more frequently associated with jazz or classical music in an effort to give rock music the same level of musical sophistication and critical respect.”


This curated playlist is modern progressive bands  . I was specifically drawn to band with clean “Jazzy/Noodling” leads in their songs. Though progressive you won’t find 20 min long songs, so this is still accessible for those new to Progressive Music. If you are a fan of Metal or Jazz or Rock you should find something here for you.

For more playlists follow me on Spotify.

11 Replies

New Tracks Added no duplicate Artists. 


Raijin – Shepherds of Cassini

Ascend to the Throne – Rise to Fall

Our Time Has Come – No Consequence

Discover – Mendel

The Linear – Last Chance To Reason

Marigold – Caligula's Horse

Building the Church – Steve Vai

Grand Unification (feat. David Maxim Micic) – Sithu Aye, David Maxim Micic

Manifesto – Pomegranate Tiger

Water Drops (feat. Plini) – Modern Day Babylon, Plini

The Price – Leprous

Huge Hammers – The Safety Fire

Universal Love – Disperse

The Winged Bull – Scale The Summit

Travelers Hymn – Terraform

Domino – Empyrios

This is not only incredibly well thought out but very thorough too. I'm genuinely impressed by your knowledge of prog metal. Just out of curiosity, what is your stance on the possible inclusion of new releases from old bands (Dream Theater, Queensryche, etc.)?


I'd be open especially Dream Theater.

New Tracks Added. No Duplicate Artists.


blessed forgetful, i am – Save Us from the Archon

Derealization (feat. Jakub Żytecki) – Matt Harnett, Jakub Zytecki

Sea of Suns – The Helix Nebula

I'm Awake – Intervals

The Designer's Lead – Uneven Structure

Cities I: Cerulean – Verse Vica

Emotion Zero – Clawerfield

Promise [Part 2] – Arcane

Follow – The Afterimage

Pt I: Transfixed Estate (feat. Matt Turkington) – ASTRAEUS, Matt Turk-ington

Illuminate the Trail – Textures

Laughing with Such Abandon – Outrun The Sunlight

Awaken – Eric Johnson

Cursed – A Past Unknown

New Tracks Added

The Endless Knot – Haken
Born of the Sun – Subversion
Reboot – Affiance
Her Halo – Teramaze
Lemniscate – Deceptic
V I S T Λ – Ghost Iris

Two new tracks

Soul = Denied – Despite
Every Piece Matters – Plini

In case anyone's interested in hearing some new progressive rock, here's my shot at it.

Only music released from 2000 ownards. 

Feel free to let me know what you think.


Hey, Jason!  I'm new to posting playlists myself, but found your collection here.  I think you might like this from RoSFest 2018 performer Lines In The Sky.  The playlist includes most of their latest album Beacon, as well as some of my favorite tracks from their side project entitled A Notion Of Silence.  Both seem to fit your description well, so maybe you'll think so too.  Best wishes, and thanks!--ZJ26


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Hi JESquare,

Your playlists seems very interesting and I will definitely check them at some point. I already followed you on spotify. I actually have a playlist too, where I collect progressive rock from lesser-known bands. My principle is that the more unknown a song is the better choice it is for my playlist. Ofcourse it has to be a great song too.
User Jazzwhatever hinted to me that you might know some great "unknown" or not well known proge bands from Japan. So far there are not many bands from Japan on my playlist. I tried to send you a private message, but I couldn't so I decided to write here. It would be great if you could recommend me some bands like that. They don't necessarily have to be from Japan.
Here's my playlist if you need some preferences:

Thank you in advance!


Hi I'd like to submit my track for consideration!  Thank you for listening!



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