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Bluesy Americana Roots Rock


Bluesy Americana Roots Rock

Heres a playlist I put together.   


One Way Or Another.....






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Lots of good discoveries among familiar tracks in there! I have a playlist I'm continuing to add to that's similar.

love this sort of stuff too


here's our new song, the title is from dylans tarantula novel.  its sort of an outlaw americana tale.

The following  is my playlist for your comment,  Please follow for encourage if you like it.

Nice playlist for roots rock. The Innocent Bystanders are an up and comer in this space. Maybe you can consider one of their songs. I think this one, Highways, fits pretty well:



Love these songs! Here’s one of ours that would be a good match xx Hope you like it!


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This song fits the playlists and we'd love to have it thrown in there:

love you to consider this one



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