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Broaden my music taste?


Broaden my music taste?


I love indie and alternative, but I want to start listening to more genres. The only thing I know I don't like are the kind of songs that you'll see in top 40 charts, but other than that I'm open to anything. Some recommendations would be great, thanks!

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yep, that's the thing, Spotify is the new myspace, the new napster.

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Jorge Segovia on facebook

Hi issa! I see you said you like indie, and I have a playlist that has a bunch of dream pop and chill stuff too, maybe you'll find something you like on it!


June 2016


Thanks! Been listening to your playlist while I draw/paint 🙂

that makes me so happy!!! i'm glad you liked it. Any faves on the playlist?

for your consideration...

Every song is different - blues, reggae, pop, country, guitar, rock...




Why not try the wonderful genres of Soul,Funk,Jazz and Disco (proper stuff not Bee Gees and Abba)


Or Rap and House and not the generic all sounds the same EDM type stuff but classic 80', 90's and new interesting artist.


Its all in my profile just choose one or follow link to playlist below as it changes every week with new/old music. 


What is Soul on Spotify

What is Soul weekly playlist





Definitely!! There are a lot of songs in there I really like and She's A Riot has always been a favorite:)  I love After The Moment, We're Not Just Friends, and Chinese New Year too! Appreciate you introducing me to them!


Perfect thank you! I'll be sure to check everything out:)

Thank you everyone for the awesome suggestions! I'll definitely try out everything that has been mentioned here, really appreciate all your replies 🙂

Hi, i'm new here. I created the following electronica/lounge/chill (call it what you may) playlist for inspiration here

Here is my electro playlist:

Another fab playlist is created by a geneous: Paris by night

Okay let's see, I'm going to tell you some of my favourite music right now:

Lykke Li: I Never Learn (album) -this album is now 2 years old, it's probably the saddest album I have ever heard, but it sound incredible.

Banks: The Altar (album) -the album isn't out yet, but it's coming in 3 weeks, even tho you can already hear some of the songs from it: Gemini Feed, Mind Games and **bleep** With Myself.

Bat For Lashes: The Bride (album) - this one is amazing, the whole album explains a story, just like a soundtrack of a movie that doesn't exist, it's soo good. 

Massive Attack: The Spoils (EP) and Ritual Spirit (EP) -both EPs came out this years and they are such amazing works, you should give them a listen.

That's all, hope I helped,

Mark xx

Great! Please follow back, mate. Cheers!

That's the attitude! Ever tried witj Prog Rock music. I'll show you one of my lists with some of the best. Hope you enjoy it and follow back!

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