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Im not quite sure what genre to put it in.... But I made this playlist just to chill and listen to songs that arent overplayed on the radio etc...


Post yours below and ill check them out!


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Love these!! Here's mine, some instrumental, some relaxed, some easy. Enjoy!


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Chill playlist! Follow and I will follow back immediately!!!

Great playlists. Here's mine: "Indie Ballads"

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I've started a playlist of great "chill" tunes for those necessary Bob Ross Netflix nights...


Kick back, and relax...

Howdy Peeps!

See below my 'Chillout Playlist.' Some good gems in here, so take a listen.

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For anyone who enjoys chilling out to hip hop..nice beats and mellow tempo

Hello from Sweden,


Here's a playlist of mine, this is basically my "soul meets body" chill-out playlist where I have gathered my favourite slow and sexy beats (The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, ZAYN, Banks, etc) along with alternative rock (Artic Monkeys, Florence + The Machine, Kings Of Leon, etc) and acoustic covers. Feel free to give it a listen and/or a follow! 💋


A chill mix of mostly house, edm etc etc, enjoy! spotify:user:srpenny:playlist:43WKNAs6ZX3g9Mjzp6zvk2

called "always" because it's good for any time 🙂

Super chill Rap and Hip hop playlist!! Updated Daily!!! Music from the best underground, to A-List rappers!

Here is mine. Hope you will like it.

I almost update daily.

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