Café Mocha (Studying-Coffee-Chill)

Café Mocha (Studying-Coffee-Chill)

Since most of my time is studying at a coffee shop, naturally, I made a playlist but with the right tunes that I can study to. Also, if I ever open a coffee shop one day, this is the playlist that's gonna play. I appreciate feedback and more songs. 


“Coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted.” Enjoy!!



Another reason this playlist exists is because of a different reason if you are interested in reading real life meaningful moments.

We have a summer house at Bodrum, Turkey. I have a girlfriend there that has the same life tastes that I have but aside from that, we share a bond. This bond is 1 in a million and very hard to find. Whatever you say and you hear from the other person, you get excited, you become happy, the things that you want to say while listening makes your heart pound faster, excites you and you can talk hours and hours with that person. Something I love to have/do is to have breakfast after 12pm. I cook a full table of breakfast alone while she  sneaks 2 sunbeds from the beach and gets it to my balcony. We have breakfast, drink coffee, lie to the sunbeds and have 'that' chat' while looking at the sky FULL of shining stars. During all this process, THIS is the playlist that plays in the background. After a while, we lower the sound of the playlist and sleep on the balcony with the sounds of crickets. I'd appreciate if you support and follow the playlist. I want to show her how this playlist I made for us got attention. If you don't like it, it's totally fine, I appreciate your interest. Thank you!

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Awesome playlist!! I have a brand new single I believe will be perfect for your playlist. 

Thank you.

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