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Calling all Musicians with less than 1,000 followeres


Calling all Musicians with less than 1,000 followeres

This post is for any artist or band with less than 1,000 followers. Post your band or artist best track and lets discover new music together....

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Try out our new single, "Ned Stark" and help us verify our Spotify account!

This is electronic, trip-hop and downtempo music producer Mindseye from New Zealand:

Thanks for the post, Ned Stark is a cool track definetly something thats new and different. You have a fan in me.


Check out my lasest release. Feel free to hit the follow button.




Thanks for the post. Im a Hip Hop music producer. Your tracks are crazy. I really like Tides.


Check out my latest release and let me know what you think. Feel free to hit the follow button.


Keep making great music




this band really sick and have huge tunes!

Latest single from devar. New single due end of August and new album Mausoleum out Sept.29th.

Devar is a Norwegian metal band drawing their influence from genres as far apart as Extreme, Black and Avantgarde Metal with a smattering of 70’s Prog Rock.

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Great idea! I'm Kahsay - a funky artist from Sweden! 

Please check out our brand new album "Perception"...Thanks!

Cool thread. Here's the latest release from The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club, "Don't Buy This Record"


<iframe src="" width="300" height="56" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden;" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

I really like the Turn Me on track, super funky. You definitely have a new fan in me. Im a music producer from Dallas TX, I make Hip Hop Instrumental and Beat albums. Check my music out i'm sure you will like it. Feel free to hit the follow button

Here is a new summer vibe song I made with some of my friends!!

Hi everyone - please listen and share if you stand up for our planet !

THE WORLD IS DYING is not quite true it's beeing murdered and if you listen to the lyrics this is absolutely happening. The news are just not reporting what is happening word wide but I am an activist and like to see this song getting played everywhere. If you care for our planet make your voice count by sharing this one song to the world.




Hi this is for any Hip-Hop fans please take a moment and check out JEDA "Y.U.B. Texting Me That" and follow him also.

This is my favourite right now going viral in Canada right now:


Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 12.56.25 PM.png


Producer hailing from Atlanta infusing elements of hip hop and electronic music into a new influx of melodies, beats and everything in between. His sound is direct, eclectic and a forward-thinking blend of music that creates detailed sonic tapestry's that moves and evolves each song

We have playlists of all of Denver/Colorado's best music sorted by genre. They range from underground to up-and-coming Denver musicians. Here's one for you!

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We are called FLOCKS and we're Electronic/Experimental. Our concept is electronic music played by real instruments - analog synths and drums replication synthetic textures. Hope you enjoy!

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