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Can You help Me with finding some songs?


Can You help Me with finding some songs?


I am looking for two songs, those two songs were popular sometimes.

I don't know names of songs and artists.

Here is the first song and also second song too.

Thank You very much for Your help.

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They sound very familiar to me but I can't pinpoint what song they are or who they are by... But I do recommend this playlist there are lots of songs similar to the tunes you linked up above and the actual songs of those you are searching for might even be in there, I'm not sure. Sorry, I can't be more helpful, hope you'll find them one day!


One of My friend finally helped with finding one song of those two. Also, thank You for Your playlist. Also, can I follow Your profile, or no?

And now, this song. 

Sure you can follow my profile! Looks like I have a new song to put in that playlist as well! Gosh, I knew it sounded familiar, I remember I probably heard it when I was a kid.

Me too and also, some of My friends too.

But It doesn't help Us to find It,. And If this song won't be on
Spotify, It'll be a problem.

But please and some of You folks too please, ask somebody, if don't know
this song and play for this person recording of It created by Me.

I have forgotten to write, that I have recorded this version using My

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