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Check out my NEW METAL BANGERS playlist!


Check out my NEW METAL BANGERS playlist!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my new metal/hard rock playlist that I am growing. I would love to have recommendations to add to it. I add a mix of well known bands and up and coming bands as well. I love to help the music community grow together! The link to the playlist is below.


I will also consider your song submissions if you would like to submit them here at DailyPlaylists!



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Hi please consider adding my song to your playlist ! We are a new metal band and just released our first song:) ty



Hi, we are Fatamish, our new single ‘Forced Decision’ is out Listen to it!

I got you.

Added to my epic ongoing playlist that is posted elsewhere in this thread

Don't know if you like other langueages
New dutch project Maanvlinder makes symphonic metal with dutch lyrics!
2nd track is in progress ..^^

Love finding metal from other countries.


Added to the playlist. 

If you check out my massive playlist it has lots of non English artists ( Hanabie,  alien weaponry, leprosy,  etc)

Thank you. You have a big playlist.

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