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Chill Instrumental Playlists


Chill Instrumental Playlists

Hey guys! This is one of my favorite instrumental playlists for relaxing, studying, or working at the computer. Check it out and let me know what you think, or if you have suggestions that I might want to add! Thanks, and enjoy!


Please post yours too, so we can see what we have in common!

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Since your into electronic music, I guess that you might like this artist:

when i see chill relaxed playlis i think more on the lines of this



GREAT playlist :D, thank you so much!!!

Here Balearic chill sound for your playlist



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Just followed this and listening too while I work. Maybe this track might fit on the list?

Great listen but not sure that I agree about it fitting the playlist


your playlist is awesome! It's nice to listen to it.... very relaxating. 

I personally like listening to my calming tracks, when I sometimes have bad, hard day. If you want to, check my playlist too... here it goes!

I hafe made two lists. One for relaxation and sleep , the other list us more electronic chill out sound like kruder &dorfmeister


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Here's some music to fall asleep to 🙂

Hey! First of all, great playlist! I'm a beatmaker myself and I just uploaded my first beat to Spotify! I think it would fit pretty well into your playlist, it's more of an ambient trap beat, here's the link, let me know your thoughts!

Hey man I love your playlist! I just followed it - I think you might like some songs on the playlist I copied below. If you have time give it a listen 🙂



Hey, I am a new artist on spotify and I compose instrumental music for chill, relax, study, .... I would like to be added to playlists with instrumental music - so your playlist would be great.


Thanks for any support and if you like my instrumentals follow me and add my songs to your playlist !!



Here's one a little different, I call it the Introspective Acoustic playlist!

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