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Chill out music


Chill out music

I'm looking for the best chill out music available on spotify. Any suggestions?

42 Replies

This playlist is by one of my favorite bands and is the best chill music. It's called Backseat Sunrise by the Ballroom Thieves, and the title totally explains the feel of it. Hope that helps!

i currently have a chill out playlist with a bunch of chill songs, r&b, rap, pop, indie, rock, alot of different generes

If you want something close to electronic dance music, then look for music in the downtempo genre. I am more inclined myself to relax to new age, space music, jazz, or impressionism. So I'll recommend some of that. If new age or space music interests you, search for "hearts of space". This is a space music/new age radio program that has some compilations of this kind of music on Spotify. Also search for "windham hill" and "narada", which are large new age labels with various compilation albums that include the label name. There are many good artists in this genre, though I will particularly recommend Suzanne Ciani, Constance Demby, and Kitaro. For jazz, I would recommend cool jazz, modal jazz, or smooth jazz. Some top recommendations for jazz artists who play relaxing music include Keiko Matsui, The Modern Jazz Quartet, and Swing-Out Sister. For impressionism, I'll mainly recommend the works of Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, and Erik Satie. Of these, my top recommendation is for Debussy's La Mer. And speaking of Debussy, this brings to mind an Art of Noise album you might like that is actually more in the style of what is more commonly called chill out.



spotify:user:128759556 I love this band, they are working on new music now

This song never fails to relax me and calm me down.

Check my playlist. It's perfect for chilling, I listen to it alot so I update it frequently.


Smooth tunes for my brain smoothie


Our version of Maniac is pretty darn chilly😃

All of Flume's music is pretty chill and I'd definitly recommend 

wow nice music!

Beach House are just my go to chill out band, but this song takes the cake if you're into dream pop



Hey there Shoegep!

Not with any intentions of marketing my friend's playlist hahaha but give it a try, since he showed it to me, all his friends (including me)  listen to it in those ''chill situations''!

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

Hello all! I'm new to the Community and hope to contribute in big ways as I'm a huge advocate for Spotify. With that said, here goes my 1st community post.


Below is my go-to "Time to Chill" playlist, curated from 2012 to Present with a wide variety of artists. Hope you will enjoy this team!


View "Time to Chill" Playlist →

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