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Chilled Psychedelic Indie Playlist


Chilled Psychedelic Indie Playlist

Chilled Psychedelic Vibes. 

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Very pleasant to work while your playlist is playing! 

Thank you 

It's not indie but here is my chill playlist.

Free free to listen to mine.


Warm and melodic: indie folk, folktronica, garage rock, blues rock, indie pop, psychedelic rock, dream pop, alternative rock, downtempo etc.

Hi. we are looking for playlists in the (Rock / Psychedelic) genre to submit one of our bands WildCohen to for consideration, if you have the time to listen to #BloochyKoo and would like to include your favourite track from the album, then please add us, if you drop us a DM, of your playlist with the track included, we will make sure we post your playlist out to our mailing list, and social media channels to repay the favour! and if you like the album, and want a copy, we can even post you a digital version out! just contact us through any of our social media links!


#BloochyKoo Album Playlist here >

Cheers Spoonjuice Records


#psychedelic #ModernPsychedelic #Indie #Rock 

#NewWaveofPsychedelic # ThirdwaveofPsychedelic #Psyche

Hi! i would like to share with you, my proyect Buho has currently released a new EP it combines the sound of classic psychodelic Indie/rock of the 60s with the newest bands outthere like Black Angels, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Medicine Boy, Black Mountain, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dead Meadow, etc.

Here’s a link so you can give it a listen:


Here you have a playlist to find new and unheard artists, that are similiar to the artists in your list.


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