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Chilled R&B

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here is one of my chill r&b playlists that I just started


Love the playlist, I have one with similar vibes that I hope you all will enjoy!


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Nice mix! This would be leaning towards the more mellow/pop/soul side, but I'm working with RnB/soul artist Steve Ray Ladson, who's just released two fantastic singles, might be great adds:

"Do You Know" - soulful pop / R&B single builds an authentic & irresistible feel-good hook, blending old-school vibes for a warm reflection of love


"Calling Your Name" - gorgeous vocals blend R&B with smooth hip-hop and irresistible pop hooks, reflecting on the universal need for love and human connection

If you (or anyone else) chooses to add either, please comment back as we'll be sure to share your playlist in thanks!

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