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Chillhop, Lo Fi Hip Hop and Trip Hop Playlist


Chillhop, Lo Fi Hip Hop and Trip Hop Playlist

Hey everyone,


I absolutely love Chillhop, triphop etc. Only beats, no one spitting bars over it. I noticed that there are a lot of people who enjoy Chillhop but there are very few subjects about it here. 

So I created a playlist full of nice beats that you will love... It's called Soul Beats




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The best in Hip/Hop and Rap including artists like lil uzi vert, Kendrick Lamar, Tinie Tempah, Logic, 6LACK.

Check it out NOW

Brilliant! Many wonderful artists in there.

please check out these beats out, I think they will fit well on your playlist,

pls follow this playlist and i will follow you back 😄

Check this album out, it will fit well in your playlist. It's only instrumental trip-hop and trap songs with a hint of ethnic sound.

If you like the eccentric sounds of underground, melodic, synth-laden hip-hop, jazz, chill and a little bit of everything else, this list will enlighten your lo-fi brain.





I created an absolutely massive playlist filled with everything that i've listened to and found, mostly all lyiric less, some may have spoken word, but no singing/rapping.


Goes for 37H, all of it quality. No filler.


Super chilled out playlist.


that play list is sick

my name is serpico from jersey 

if u get a chance peep my new EP "Crimes"


i think you will appreciate it.


anyways thank u for ur time

Fantastic selections for this chill playlist! I'm enjoying Teebs and Flamingosis especially. Here is an album I feel you would enjoy. Atmospheric, jazz beats and warm tones

bonjour je suis jms petit producteur chillhop lo-fi je vous partage mon album et je pense que sa devrais vous plaire merci ❤️

Hey, here's my little contribution to your thread. Let me know what you think about it

: )spotify:user:radiotapebroadcast:playlist:6FE7kj94pDYGdzFehAJjVU

Hey Miloboswijk,


I really like your playlist!

Also I think, maybe this beat from me could fit on there 😉


Give it a listen, I think you'd like it.



Sir N

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